Clean water initiative

Clean Water

Doing good

In 2002, we began to craft and distribute revolutionary ceramic water filters in rural Myanmar (Burma) to create lasting change in the health and vitality of those communities most in need.

Now the project has been taken over by local community organizers and is being run as a self-sustainable, long-term development project. We couldn’t be happier with this progress.


Our ceramic filters are locally produced using sustainable materials, such as clay and rice husks. Local kilns fire the clay into our simple, effective water filters.


As water passes through the ceramic filter, 100% of all harmful bacteria is eliminated. This process requires no electricity or plumbing to be fully operational.


Locally-sustainable practices are at the core of our operations. Filter production facilities are locally managed and operated and community-based Safe Water Advocates spread the word about clean water, health and hygiene education.

The Asia Transpacific Foundation is now focusing its efforts on a variety of carefully selected initiatives that support education, conservation, sustainable economic development and emergency relief in Asia and the Pacific.

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