Field report

Field report


We always felt that the best outcome of parenting was for our children to become self-reliant, independent, and yes, even better than their parents. When we began the Asia Transpacific Foundation's Clean Water Initative we had the same scenario in mind. We wanted to develop a ceramic water filter industry in Myanmar that would be able to operate independently, and to build a support network for the distribution of these ceramic water filters to those in need. After many years of dedication and hard work, the plan has succeeded!

As of 2015, the little seed that we planted has grown into one of the most successful Household Water Treatment Networks in the world.

  • Myanmar now has the largest production capacity for ceramic water filters (CWFs) of any country in the world.
  • Over 300,000 CWFs have been produced and distributed, along with hygiene education, to bring sustainable, safe water to well over a million people.
  • The combined efforts of Asia Transpacific Foundation and other similar non-profits on the ground have created an industry in Myanmar that has drawn over $7,000,000 in foreign aid funding.
  • This has created hundreds of jobs from the supply and transportation of materials, to manufacturing, to the hygiene education teams that now work throughout the country to bring awareness of waterborne illness and disease and to inspire the drive for better health to become an inelastic component of daily life.

And the best part—the program is now being run exclusively by Myanmar nationals and requires very little outside support!

Our most sincere thanks to all of you who donated to ATF over the years and helped to make this a reality! Without you this wouldn’t have happened.

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