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the atj foundation is helping to bring awareness to the sanctuaries that provide relief for rescued elephants.

sensitive, empathetic
& intelligent

The world’s largest terrestrial mammals, elephants are sensitive, empathetic and intelligent. While elephants and humans have interacted and relied on one another for generations in Asia, some of this interaction has led to the depravation of elephant welfare and care.

rescue, research & care

ATJ Foundation is committed to the rescue, research, care and the future of the elephant in their natural habitat. Our support focuses specifically on addressing injured and sick elephants that are forced to work in entertainment venues and cities. Elephants living in urban environments that are wounded, malnourished and dehydrated, or those being used illegally and commercially under deprived conditions, are at the forefront of our mission and tourism can play a significant role through support and awareness.

your support can
bring major changes

ATJ Foundation aims to provide support to unique educational and conservation initiatives in Asia. Your support contributes to medical services for the very elephants most in need, training of their mahouts (elephant handlers) to encourage humane treatment and management of these gentle giants. Action will additionally be taken to reallocate abused elephants to sanctuaries where they can retire in peace. Your support will also reinforce major changes in how the tourism industry interacts with elephants, ultimately rescuing them from traditional service roles in favor of returning them to their natural habitats.

Please join us by making a contribution to ATJ Foundation in support of its mission. Collectively, we can make an impact. 


ATJ can arrange visits to elephant conservation areas as part of your itinerary during your travels to Asia. Please talk to your travel specialist about arranging an interactive elephant experience that helps support these gentle giants in a respectful and educational environment.

about the foundation

The ATJ Foundation invests in a variety of carefully selected relief work initiatives that support grass roots assistance in Asia and the Pacific to very specific projects to aid in health, safety and rebuilding on the heels of natural disasters and unexpected adversities. We invite our travelers and our staff to become involved in strengthening our personal connection with the communities that have always been at the heart of our efforts.

Some of the work the ATJ Foundation has contributed to are:


  • ATJ and our overseas partners personally vet all initiatives
  • 100% of your donation goes directly to the ATJ Foundation
  • ATJ wire transfers go directly to our partners, no red-tape
  • All administrative and any associated costs are donated by ATJ
  • The ATJ Foundation is a 501c (3) non-profit – all donations are tax-deductible

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