Ancient. Vibrant. Complex.


This journey is a pioneering mix of China’s history, culture, landscape and people. Retrace the course of the ancient Silk Road, and walk in the steps of the Emperors. Explore pulsating, contemporary cities and historic towns little changed by the centuries. Journey into the countryside to meet tribal peoples and see pandas in their natural habitat. China is a vibrant tapestry, ever diverse and ever changing. Come explore with us and experience one of the world’s oldest, greatest and most complex civilizations for yourself.


  • Visit the haunting Terracotta Warriors
  • View 2,500 Buddha statues dating back to the Han dynasty
  • See giant pandas and red pandas at the Chengdu Research Base
  • Ride a camel through the desert along the ancient route of the Silk Road
  • Meet the locals in a remote Xizhou tribal village
  • Explore the UNESCO-listed old town of Lijiang
  • Tour with an expert on Chinese history and culture

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