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Quintessential Japan - Spring

On this superb itinerary, we’ll visit Japan’s cities, countryside, temples and art centers,
experience the highlights of Tokyo and Kyoto, watch a geisha dance performance,
access gorgeous temples and gardens, stay in a ryokan (traditional inn) and sample
delicious Japanese cuisine. Join us for an intimate, insightful exploration of unique
and captivating Japan.


      • Delight in glorious cherry blossoms
      • Overnight in a ryokan, with traditional hot-spring baths
      • Attend a local-style Japanese festival
      • Enjoy a private meeting with Buddhist monk
      • Watch a sacred kagura dance in the inner chamber of a Shinto shrine
      • Participate in a private tea ceremony
      • View Mt. Fuji via gondola
      • Explore the Gion district of Kyoto, and see a geisha dance performance

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