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Myanmar (Burma) is a land of contrasts. The gentle, gracious people hold fast to their ancient traditions but also embrace the zeitgeist of optimistic modernity currently sweeping the country. Many years of oppression have done little to dampen their spirits, nor has the recent influx of travelers—openness, curiosity and engagement abound.

Myanmar’s relative isolation has left it with corners that in many ways feel like the Southeast Asia of past decades. This extraordinary new journey takes advantage of recent improvements in infrastructure to access remote, traditional communities. We invite you to join us in contrasting Burma’s popular cultural centers with friendly tribal villages and rarely-visited exquisite temples, pagodas and archaeological sites.


  • Meet Chin, Paduang and Thet tribal people in their remote villages
  • Explore the mysterious, 15th-century ruins of Mrauk U
  • Marvel at North Myanmar’s extraordinary biodiversity and pristine landscape
  • Shop for weaving and textiles alongside locals in traditional tribal markets
  • Stay in stunning boutique hotels and culturally authentic lodges
  • Tour with an expert on Myanmar’s unique history and culture

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