Papua New Guinea

Exotic. Vibrant. Beguiling.


This Papua New Guinea trip features the remote and little-visited Tumbuna Sing-Sing in which dozens of tribes assemble for a spirited, colorful celebration and competition of dancing, music, costumes, arts and customs. Enjoy a fabulous two-night stay in a jungle lodge on the banks of the remote Karawari Region, home to traditional tribes. The remote coastal areas of Tufi are home to even more distinct tribal cultures. This journey is an anthropological tour de force without parallel—join us.


  • Access traditional villages along remote Karawari’s waterways
  • Enjoy fantastic birding opportunities amidst wondrous settings
  • Meet exotic tribes such as Asaro Mudmen and Huli Wigmen
  • Marvel at authentic tribal handicrafts, straight from the source
  • Discover wonderful photo opportunities of people, animals and nature
  • Tour with an expert on Papua New Guinea's tribal culture, flora and fauna

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