In the spirit of giving, the more you
plan to travel with ATJ, the more the
ATJ Foundation Gives back!

$250 donated for every
trip you plan and book

For every trip you plan and book, the ATJ Foundation will donate $250 in your name to our 'Have You Herd' project, through July 31st for travel anytime in 2021 and 2022. Either communicate with your current travel specialist about this offer or send us your name and email using the form below and we can start the planning process with you!

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rescue, research & care.

ATJ Foundation is committed to the rescue, research, care and the future of the elephant in their natural habitat. Our support focuses specifically on addressing injured and sick elephants that are forced to work in entertainment venues and cities. Elephants living in urban environments that are wounded, malnourished and dehydrated, or those being used illegally and commercially under deprived conditions, are at the forefront of our mission and tourism can play a significant role through support and awareness.

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