Dear Fellow Traveler,

We’re Ready When You’re Ready

For 30+ years, our passion has been sharing our favorite global destinations, cultural interests, fun stories and inspiring travel expertise with you. We couldn’t stop if we tried, it's in our DNA!

While we continue to encourage all of our travelers to respect guidelines outlined by healthcare leaders during this unprecedented situation, we also know that we will get through this together. In due time, we'll be even stronger and more passionate about the importance of travel and social responsibility.

ATJ stands ready to bring you culture, inspiration, and fun facts during this time. This is our promise to you, our staff and our partners throughout Asia. We can still dream and plan for the future. Before you know it, exploration and travel will find its way back to you as you set off on a wonderful journey.

We will continue to share our passions of global travel with you even if you don’t yet have a departure date. This will come in the form of emails, website additions, social media engagement, and anything else we can think of to foster the spirit of social community and understanding of our new global reality.

For those of you who choose to travel any time soon, we can assist in practical and smart ways to navigate restrictions and inconveniences to aid in your safe journey. As promised, we will extend our postponement policies and be flexible with itineraries. Please don’t hesitate to contact your travel specialist for options and information regarding your trip. As always, your health, safety, and happiness are our #1 priority and have been for the last 30+ years.

We know you have many travel adventures on your list! We are excited to discuss your future travel interests and will continue to inspire, dream and plan with you.

Looking forward to many more journeys with you,

The ATJ Team

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