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If you’re ready to begin your Asia trip, we are ready to help. Our Travel Experts are here to inspire your journey, while making everything, including trip planning simple and enjoyable. Whether you know exactly where you want to go and when, or if you’re just thinking of a general destination, the simplest way to begin planning is to download a free catalog or contact us with details about your ideal journey.



Everyone’s travel comfort level is different; some of us need to do a lot of research before we’re ready, while others can fly out the next day, or sooner. Whatever kind of Asia trip you have in mind, we are here to help you plan your route as much, or as little, as you prefer with an Asia trip planner and route planner. Take a look and see if our join-in Small Group Trips sound like your style of travel, or start with our Custom Journey route planner to design your trip of a lifetime, from the ground up.

If you'd like to dig deeper on your own, thinking about key questions can help demystify your travel planning. Just remember, there are no right or wrong answers!

Who Will Be Travelling?

- Solo sojourner
- Just the two of us
- Fun for the family
- An entire posse

Where Do You Want to Go?

- I haven’t the faintest notion
- Lots of ideas, but oner where to start
- I’ve dreamt of (fill in the blank) for decades

What is Your Adventure Level?

- Bold: jungles, tribes, wild festivals, remote cultures
- Classic: iconic sights, a few off-the-path places
- Pamper me: five-star all the way

Private or Group Trip?

- I/we would love to join a small group of other like-minded travelers
- It will be just me/us, on a private custom journey
- Not sure

When Do You Want to Go?

- October 25 through November 7 (for example)
- I can go during the summer months (for example)
- I’m flexible, just tell me the best time to be where I want to go

What's Your Budget?

- Fairly frugal
- Splashing out
- Sky’s the limit

Continue visualizing your trip by exploring our Traveler Questionnaire for more ideas to consider while planning your Asia Tour. If you are the type to start with the nuts and bolts, try researching travel insurance, visas & passports, airlines & luggage and health & vaccinations.

A great book is never a bad place to begin, and our reading lists provide more inspiration for planning your perfect Asia tour.

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