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    Malaysia Peninsular

    A center of trade for many centuries, Peninsular Malaysia has always been a cultural melting pot. Influenced by everything from Indian Hinduism and Buddhism; Indonesian Islam; Portuguese, Dutch and British colonialism; and a Japanese occupation during WWII—Malaysia is sure-footedly embracing its complex identity and forging its place in contemporary Asia.

    EXPLORE Malaysia Peninsular
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    If breathtaking alabaster white sand, coconut palms, the clearest turquoise water and private island resorts sound like the perfect retreat, the idyllic beaches of the Maldives, often considered some of the best in the world, may be a destination with your name on it. Located in the warm seas of the Indian Ocean, this tiny South Asian nation is comprised of 1,200 postcard-worthy coral islands with a mere 200 that are inhabited. Paradise extends beneath the clear blue waters that surround the Maldives. Exceptional diving and snorkeling unveils a natural wonderland of endemic marine life that includes manta rays, sharks, turtles and colossal whale sharks, along with gleaming soft coral, lagoons and sea-side caves.

    EXPLORE Maldives
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    Thailand is Asia at its most welcoming and accessible. Luxury Thailand tours give you an opportunity to experience traditional Thai culture, explore hill tribes, discover lively arts, traverse tranquil islands, trek into lush rainforests and enjoy superb cuisine with incredible locals. Bangkok is a buzzing city with modern high-rises, street-food stands, and breathtaking temples. Chiang Mai, on the other hand, offers more subdued art and a travel gateway to the northern mountains. Southern Thailand features beaches, which are impossible to rival--and surpass--than any other on Earth. ATJ’s luxury Thailand vacation packages will become a perennial favorite!

    EXPLORE Thailand
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    Perhaps it's Tibet's roof-of-the-world elevation, or its creation myth that had it connected to heaven by a rope: Tibet seems to be somehow suspended between heaven and earth, studded with places of worship and mountains that scrape the sky. Despite an intense modernization campaign by the Chinese government, the Tibetan people retain a transcendent spiritual quality that informs every aspect of their lives, which makes their home on the Earth's highest plateau one of the world's most intriguing travel destinations.

    EXPLORE Tibet
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    Steeped in a history of powerful dynasties, diverse religious traditions, and political transformations, Vietnam is changing by leaps and bounds. A hopeful current is buzzing throughout much of the country, and it's a thrill to watch the chaos and order play out their yin and yang amidst honking horns, noodle stands, tranquil rice fields, French-colonial remnants and glass high-rises. The country is racing into modernity, with the revered "Uncle" Ho Chi Minh's influence being challenged by the likes of Colonel Sanders. Yet ancient traditions endure, the arts are once again flourishing, and the cuisine is so good it's worth a trip just to try the banh khoai.

    EXPLORE Vietnam
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    A repository of unsurpassed cultural wealth gleaned from 5,000 years at the crossroads of civilization, transcontinental Turkey has been the world's greatest epicenter of exchange between East and West since the dawn of civilization.

    There were the Persians from the east. Then Alexander the Great from the west, who slashed the Gordion Knot near Ankara then traveled eastward to conquer Asia. That west-to-east cultural tide reversed once more when, 1,000 years ago, Turks originating in Mongolia's Altai Mountains swept down through Persia and claimed Turkey for themselves.

    Travel to Turkey and discover the echoes of empire that include Greek, Roman, Persian and Ottoman.

    EXPLORE Turkey
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    Papua New Guinea

    Synonymous with adventure and home to the world's most exotic tribes, a trip to Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific is an anthropological tour de force: hundreds of distinct tribes speak 850 mutually unintelligible tongues. Barely post-Stone-Age agricultural practices, complex tribal liaisons, ancestor cults, and wild cultural celebrations make Papua New Guinea the last frontier of adventure travel.

    EXPLORE Papua New Guinea
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    Sri Lanka

    An emerging destination in world travel, the small island country of Sri Lanka offers an amazing variety of experiences in close proximity. Explore ancient Buddhist archaeological sites, colonial tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries and age-old cities. Throughout this lush land elephants roam freely, birding is a national pastime and an awareness of our place in the environment pervades all aspects of life.

    EXPLORE Sri Lanka
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    New Zealand

    New Zealand is a land of spectacular scenic beauty. Its 5,700 miles of gorgeous coastline are punctuated by tree-lined bays and towering cliffs. Magnificent glacial mountains loom over fjords, and volcanoes tower above arid deserts. Dramatic, steaming geothermal regions contrast with wide-open golden plains, while intensely green subtropical forest covers miles of countryside. It's small wonder New Zealand was chosen as the filming location for Tolkien's magical Middle-earth.

    EXPLORE New Zealand
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    Dot the world's most stunning mountains with traditional Buddhist and Hindu communities, blanket its lowland jungle with profuse and accessible wildlife, sprinkle UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites throughout its ancient towns, and it's easy to understand why the kingdom of Nepal continues to be one of the world's greatest adventure travel destinations.

    EXPLORE Nepal
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    They say there’s no time like the present, but that has never been more apt than now: it’s a golden moment for travel to Myanmar, often referred to as Burma. The country is opening its doors, and a joie de vivre is permeating the land. At the same time, there is a palpable sense that sweeping change will ensue.

    A trip to Myanmar can now access areas that have been isolated from the outside world for decades.

    EXPLORE Myanmar
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    Connoisseurs of adventure travel take note: Mongolia opened up to the outside world two decades ago, and the few who have ventured in have beheld one of the world's last remaining horse-based nomadic cultures. A vanishing veneer of 20th-century Soviet socialism had little impact on traditional Mongolian life. Most people still live in felt gers (yurts) with their livestock and horses by their side, practicing a pastoral lifestyle and Tibetan Buddhism that has remained unchanged for centuries.

    EXPLORE Mongolia
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    Micronesia is composed of over 2,000 islands, of which only 125 are inhabited. It remains untouched by mass tourism and is a rare find for those looking to get out of the tourist ruts. Known as the "Cradle of Indo-Pacific Marine Life," Micronesia provides unsurpassed snorkeling. With water, water everywhere, 4.5 million square miles to be exact, its best sites lie in the Big Blue. Palau, Yap and Pohnpei sport spectacular reefs, channels and lagoons. In Palau, three ocean currents converge to host some of the most dazzling marine life in the world. There are over 70 documented snorkel spots in Palau alone.

    EXPLORE Micronesia
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    Travel to Laos to experience a stronghold of tradition and one of the best-kept secrets in Asia. Its quiet ambiance, languid pace and striking natural beauty lap at one's spirit like the slow-flowing waters of the Mekong upon the shore. Timeless rural scenes and a calm spirituality comprise the warp and weft of Lao life, a place where the soul is slowly awakened to an ancient tempo, all but forgotten in the modern world.

    EXPLORE Laos
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    Before planning luxury tours of Japan, you’ll first want to decide which region you wish to visit most. All cultures represent a mix of the indigenous and the assimilated, but Japan is singularly defined by its ability to preserve ancient traditions while thriving amidst the modern. The nation’s rich history provides many points-of-interests to visit for groups traveling to Japan. Thus, it is a land where the national sport, Sumo wrestling (dating back to 200 AD as a Shinto rite to produce an abundant harvest), vies for TV time with the post WWII-era baseball craze. Highly ritualized yet simple, elegant yet bold, traditional yet evolving, static yet dynamic -- Japan's contradictions are utterly fascinating.

    EXPLORE Japan
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    Indonesia's islands (17,000 at last count) are scattered across the Pacific, covering an area comparable to that of California to Maine. Rainforests, rice fields, ancient monuments, prolific wildlife and over 300 distinct traditional cultures compose the vast archipelago and make for wondrous explorations. It's one of the earth's most diverse destinations in every way, a cultural and natural jigsaw puzzle to challenge and intrigue on a monumental scale.

    EXPLORE Indonesia
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    White sand, warm trade winds and blue water stretching to the horizon; Fiji keeps the South Pacific promise then goes beyond the languid allure. Its many islands offer a compelling melting pot of multiple cultures, with a strong current of traditional Melanesian. Take part in Fiji luxury tours and adventures ranging from sea kayaking to highland hikes, and discover a highly developed eco-tourism infrastructure that emphasizes respect for its ecological treasures.

    EXPLORE Fiji
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    After decades of self-imposed isolation and agonizing self-destruction in the 20th century, China is mobilizing and building at a frenetic pace in the 21st, reclaiming its historic role as Asia's greatest cultural, political and economic power. Known for centuries in Asia as the "Middle Kingdom," China's influence on most, if not all, cultures of the Far East is comparable to Greek and Roman, and later French and British influence on Western culture.

    China is a force to be reckoned with and one of the world's most compelling cultures. Travel to China now to experience this great nation smack in the midst of its profound metamorphosis.

    EXPLORE China
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    Central Asia

    The names resound with the poetry of a bygone era and fire the imagination: Kashgar, Samarkand, Ashgabat, Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara. Epic history is strewn across mountain range, desert and steppe, where ancient ruins and sublime minarets recall the great exploits of empire, from Alexander the Great to Tamerlane. Some of the world's greatest centers of civilization flourished in this area for centuries, and perhaps would be counted among the great cities today, were it not for the ravages of Genghis Khan.

    EXPLORE Central Asia
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    Before planning your custom trip to Cambodia, you’ll first want to decide which iconic destinations you wish to visit —and no Cambodia luxury tour is complete without including Angkor Wat. Khmer ruins at Angkor are among the greatest sights in Asia. The visible central portion extends across an area the size of Manhattan. Recent satellite images reveal the actual extent of the one-time capital to be comparable to present-day Los Angeles, making it the largest city on Earth dating from the pre-industrial era. The temples represent one of humankind's most astonishing and enduring artistic and architectural achievements. Contact ATJ to learn more about our Cambodia luxury tours.

    EXPLORE Cambodia
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    Malaysia Borneo

    Borneo. The name rings with end-of-the-earth appeal, occupying an almost mythological place in the traveler's lexicon, as though it were a jungle-covered Atlantis. Yet tailored trips to Borneo reveals wonders that are very real—rainforests teem with wildlife such as the pygmy Asian elephant, proboscis monkey, clouded leopard, slow loris, sun bear, barking deer, pig-tailed macaque and the huge flying fox bat. The profusion and variety of bird species is also astounding. See our Asia trip planner and route planner when you are ready to start planning your ideal Borneo journey.

    EXPLORE Malaysia Borneo
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    Like a masterpiece composed in multiple mediums, Australia is a study in contrasting form. Lush green rainforest and deep-blue ocean confront the burnt red of desert Outback. Cosmopolitan metropolises thrive amidst some of the Earth's most inhospitable land. The world's oldest culture endures in one of the world's youngest nations. Travel to Australia reveals that this remarkable continent's size and abundance are at once its greatest allure and its most confounding challenge. Let us steer you through the bewildering and beautiful vastness that is Australia.

    EXPLORE Australia
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    Few destinations throughout history have generated the stir of anticipation among travelers that Bhutan created when it tentatively cracked its door ajar just over three decades ago. The privileged few who have ventured in have been startled to behold a Himalayan kingdom almost completely isolated from modern and western influences. Through a strict policy of limited tourism, Bhutan has consciously cultivated both a fiercely guarded traditional culture and the world's most well-tended natural environment. But the winds of change are stirring. We invite you to seize the day, to travel to Bhutan at this historic juncture and experience a land on the brink of transformation.

    EXPLORE Bhutan
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    India is one of the world's great civilizations and perhaps its greatest travel destination. An array of cultures and religions has coexisted for ages, each expressing its traditions in magnificent artistic and architectural achievements. Evidence of a sophisticated Indus Valley culture, including streets, irrigation and public works in Punjab and Rajasthan, place India alongside Babylonia as one of the first centers of modern civilization.

    It is the birthplace of both Hinduism and Buddhism, and a long and continuous tradition of achievement in physics, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and poetry testifies to India's role as a fertile intellectual epicenter for more than 3,000 years.

    EXPLORE India



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