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Abu Dhabi may appear to play a conservative second fiddle to the glitz, glamour and pulsating night-life of Dubai, but appearances can be deceiving. Proud, modern and progressive, Abu Dhabi, once a fishing village, is the United Arab Emirates’ direct link to its heritage and a cultural destination in its own right. The capital of the UAE and its largest emirate, Abu Dhabi’s gradual growth (when compared to Dubai) has resulted in the preservation of architecture, culture and history. Its relaxed energy allows engrossment in the city’s history and heritage. Attractions such as Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest in the UAE, demonstrate intricate and gorgeous Emirati architecture. The recently-opened Louvre Abu Dhabi is just one of several globally-recognized museums in Abu Dhabi that helps cement its role as a cultural leader in the Middle East. The city’s historic districts are a perfect way to immerse yourself in culture, art and local tradition.

While Abu Dhabi is relatively laid back for the region, the city is confidently contemporary, cosmopolitan and forever evolving. Hotels are resplendent with luxury, dining is world-class and the skyline of the metropolis is futuristic and shiny. The combination of Abu Dhabi’s cultural-progressiveness and its role as modern, luxurious mega-metropolis provides visitors with an exciting and balanced stopover experience.

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