Sri Lanka

Exuberant. Proud. Enduring.


An emerging destination in world travel, the small island country of Sri Lanka offers an amazing variety of experiences in close proximity. Explore ancient Buddhist archaeological sites, colonial tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries and age-old cities. Throughout this lush land elephants roam freely, birding is a national pastime and an awareness of our place in the environment pervades all aspects of life.

A Closer Look

Tropical Sri Lanka is a land of great natural and cultural wealth fringed by golden, palm-studded beaches and topped with misty tea plantations. The island-nation possesses its own distinct culture—a melding of Sinhalese, Tamil and countless foreign influences acquired during its many centuries as a major center of maritime trade. Sri Lanka’s diverse nature reserves and national parks derive from sanctuaries set up by royalty more than 2,000 years ago, surely making it one of the first cultures to manifest a dedicated eco-consciousness. 

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