Sri Lanka

Exuberant. Proud. Enduring.


An emerging destination in world travel, the small island country of Sri Lanka offers an amazing variety of experiences in close proximity. Explore ancient Buddhist archaeological sites, colonial tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries and age-old cities. Throughout this lush land elephants roam freely, birding is a national pastime and an awareness of our place in the environment pervades all aspects of life.


A land of stunning natural beauty, ancient archaeological sites, fascinating cultures and warm welcoming people, activities in Sri Lanka abound. Experience breathtaking views of the varied landscapes between Colombo and Kandy on a scenic train ride or opt for an invigorating tour of the country's lush jungle terrain by mountain bike—both popular things to do in Sri Lanka. Taking a train journey from Colombo through the hills to Kandy is wonderfully scenic. If you're looking to get active, canoe and mounatin bike around the national parks and ancient temples by means of a cool waterway or bike under the rubber tree canopy. To encounter pristine rainforest and wildlife, embark on a jungle sarafi in Yala, Uda Walawe or Sinharaja.


If you decide to travel to Sri Lanka in April, celebrate the Sri Lankan New Year. Better yet, attend the riotous festivities that accompany the Kandy Esala Perahera in July or August; the calendar is dictated by the lunar cycle. This centuries-old Sri Lankan festival celebrates Buddha's Tooth Relic. Thousands of traditional dancers parade through the streets to accompanying drumbeat, joined by dozens of ornately caparisoned elephants. On the final night a replica of the sacred tooth in its reliquary joins the procession. It is one of Asia's greatest festivals.


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  • Explore the expansive rock-cut temples of Dambulla, bursting with colorful paintings, statues and relics
  • Climb to the top of Sigiriya, the iconic Lion Rock Citadel and savor the views of the lush countryside
  • Join the locals in their boisterous rituals at Kandy’s vibrant Temple of the Tooth Relic
  • Savor delicious cuisine and delight in a traditional cooking demonstration
  • Take in the stunning view of the island at World’s End in Horton Plains
  • Search for Sri Lanka’s elusive leopards and other wildlife on a 4WD safari

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