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Synonymous with adventure and home to the world’s most exotic tribes, Papua New Guinea is a land as colorful and astonishing as its fabled bird of paradise. An intriguing jumble of people coexist with complex tribal liaisons and 850 mutually unintelligible tongues. They practice their cultural celebrations and ancient agricultural practices amid rugged mountains, thundering waterfalls, dazzling reef systems and an abundance of exotic birds and beasts.

Papua New Guinea’s isolated tribal settlements were some of the last to be “discovered,” coming into contact with the outside world for the first time as late as the 1930s. During this time, the tribes were living in thriving Stone Age agricultural communities and believed that they were the only people on earth. Though some things have changed in the past eighty years, many have not.

This trip features either the Tumbuna Sing-Sing in May or the Mt. Hagen Sing-Sing in August, in which hundreds of tribes assemble for a spirited, colorful celebration and competition of dancing, music and costumes. Enjoy a fabulous two-night stay in a jungle lodge on the banks of the remote Karawari Region, home to traditional tribes. The remote coastal areas of Tufi are home to even more distinct tribal cultures. This journey is an anthropological tour de force without parallel—join us.

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Amidst the tropical splendor of the Pacific, Papua New Guinea emerges as a land of cultural richness and untamed beauty. Scattered across the coral-ringed islands, diverse indigenous communities preserve traditions that have endured for generations. The vibrant singsings, or traditional festivals, and intricately carved spirit houses in places like Tari and Mount Hagen showcase the deep cultural roots embedded in the landscape.

From the lush highlands to the remote Sepik River, Papua New Guinea's landscapes are as varied as its tribal tapestry. Volcanic peaks tower above dense rainforests, while underwater realms teem with marine life along the Coral Sea. As one of the world's least-explored countries, Papua New Guinea offers intrepid travelers a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in a world where ancient traditions coexist with the untouched wilderness.

The Kokoda Track, a historic trail through the Owen Stanley Range, offers a trek into the heart of the country, revealing both the challenges faced by soldiers during World War II and the stunning natural beauty of the rugged terrain. Papua New Guinea beckons those seeking authentic cultural encounters and unspoiled landscapes, inviting adventurers to witness a world where time seems to stand still. In every corner, from the vibrant markets of Port Moresby to the isolated villages along the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea unfolds as a destination where ancient cultures and pristine nature converge in a mesmerizing symphony.

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