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The Khmer ruins at Angkor include some of Asia’s most recognized and iconic. The visible central portion of the temple complex extends across an area the size of Manhattan and the largest religious monument on the planet. Recent satellite images reveal that the actual size of the one-time capital of the Khmer Empire to be comparable to present-day Los Angeles, making it the largest city in the world dating from the pre-industrial era. The temples represent one of humankind's most astonishing and enduring artistic and architectural achievements.

A Closer Look

Atop any traveler’s wish list are the instantly recognizable Khmer ruins at Angkor. While the visible central portion extends across an area the size of Manhattan, recent satellite images reveal that the settlement was once much bigger—the largest pre-industrial city on Earth. Angkor’s remarkable temples represent one of humankind’s most astonishing and enduring architectural achievements, yet there is much more to this fascinating and ancient country than just Angkor. Cambodia’s “great lake,” Tonle Sap, offers kayaking excursions through villages that hug the water’s edge and haunting one-of-a-kind mangrove forests. The evocative Cardamom and Elephant Mountains shelter Cambodia’s coastline, a well-kept secret of tranquil white-sand beaches, backroads perfect for bicycling and majestic waterfalls, while mysterious cave systems replete with pre-Angkorian shrines beckon the adventuresome traveler.

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