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Untamed. Diverse. Enchanting.


Borneo. The name rings with end-of-the-earth appeal, occupying an almost mythological place in the traveler's lexicon, as though it were a jungle-covered Atlantis. Yet tailored trips to Borneo reveals wonders that are very real—rainforests teem with wildlife such as the pygmy Asian elephant, proboscis monkey, clouded leopard, slow loris, sun bear, barking deer, pig-tailed macaque and the huge flying fox bat. The profusion and variety of bird species is also astounding. 

A Closer Look

With prosperous Peninsular Malaysia to the west and wild Borneo to the east, Malaysia blends colonial charm and powerhouse modernity with untamed rainforest and castaway beaches. Its multitude of natural wonders are made supremely accessible by a well-developed infrastructure, which features first-rate interpretive nature walks and world-class eco-lodges. The cultural diversity offered by the resident Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous indigenous tribes ensures travelers in search of authentic cultural experiences will be delighted, while Borneo’s staggering biodiversity makes it a perennial favorite for nature lovers.

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