Papua New Guinea

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The capital of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, sprawls along the dusty hills of New Guinea's southern coast overlooking the Coral Sea. Serving as the hub for all international and domestic air travel to Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby will be your first contact with this island nation.


A fertile, volcanic coastline province backed by some of the most rugged mountains in Papua New Guinea, Madang has often been described as the "prettiest town in the Pacific." Madang has it all for those people looking for the quintessential South Pacific getaway both above and below the water. Here you'll find hiking, birdwatching, beachcombing, snorkeling and sea kayaking.


Explore the surrounding villages that make up this rugged highland area. Enjoy a scenic drive to Jiwaka Province where you can visit a coffee plantation and factory. This location provides spectacular views of the Hagen Range, Sepik Divide, Baiyer Gap and Wahgi Valley. 

The spectacular surrounding mountains reach heights over 14,000 ft. Today the way-of-life, is still governed by beliefs of spirits, ritual and magic. The 'big men' of the villages still attain their position of status by making "mogas" (great prestigious gift exchanges), which place obligations on the receiver and gains respect for the giver. Explore the Melpa people as well as the feared Asoro, whose "mudmen" conjure images of the strange and eerie rituals followed by these tribes to this day.


Europe and parts of Asia enjoyed huge historical advantages in terms of their indigenous plants and animals, which resulted in greater wealth and power over the millennia. Papua New Guinea, and this area in particular, offers fascinating insights into the role environment plays in the scientific, artistic, architectural and socio-political development of societies. 

Tufi Island

Here explore the fjords surrounding Tufi, meeting village elders, interacting with the locals and learning about their ancient customs of tapa cloth making and facial tattoos. For lunch, stop for a beach barbecue on a secluded stretch of sand. 


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