Sri Lanka

Exuberant. Proud. Enduring.

Sri Lanka is a quintessential island paradise, perfect for year-round visits with expert planning.

Sri Lanka’s unique location at the southern tip of India and surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal makes it an intriguing year-round destination. Even with its relatively small size, it is an island of enormous geographical and natural diversity. With two distinct and almost completely opposite weather patterns, one can always find the perfect time of year to visit. Even during the hottest times of the year, the highlands of central Sri Lanka are wonderfully cool and temperate. ATJ’s travel specialists are uniquely qualified to help our travelers discover the best times of year to visit Sri Lanka based on their interests. 

March | April | May

Temperate and pleasant throughout most of the country. Spring ushers in ideal weather for most destinations with rain gradually increasing in late spring and early summer along the western and southern coasts, although typically short in duration and punctuated by hours and hours of sunshine.

June | July | August

Areas of western, southern, and central Sri Lanka can experience higher levels of rain, especially during the late afternoon and evening hours but this also transforms even the most arid areas of the island into lush, tropical paradises. Those looking for a beach holiday will want to consider Sri Lanka’s east coast with its miles and miles of picture-perfect coastline and ideal beach weather. Summer is also the best time of year for Whale & Dolphin Watching in the east coast as well as wildlife viewing in general. The cultural triangle, a must-see for every visitor can be hot and dry during this time. The highlands of central Sri Lanka are cool and temperate and perfect for those on summer holiday. Expect variations depending on where you are going. 

September | October | November

One of the more interesting times of the year to visit as the fall months can experience a wide range of weather that can quickly change from month to month and even week to week. While October and November can be two of the wettest months of the year, rains tend to be short and intense rather than linger for days which is typical of the tropics. Weather along Sri Lanka’s east coast continues to be beautiful until late in the season as the south-west monsoon gradually gives way to the north-east monsoon which brings more rain to the east and north coasts.

December | January | February

The winter months gradually bring drier and sunny days to most of Sri Lanka’s famous and iconic destinations including the island’s historic Cultural Triangle. Those looking for some beach time will want to shift their focus from the east to the southern and western coasts. Winter is also the best time of year for Whale & Dolphin watching in the north-western and southern coasts. Winter marks the beginning of one of the best times to visit the island as a whole which lasts until early summer.

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