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Visas & Passports

Many countries now offer eVisas which can be obtained online and don't require a passport to be mailed anywhere. For those who prefer a visa service, ATJ has partnered with G3 Global Services for all visa and passport needs.

If you choose to work with G3 Global Services visit for any questions regarding visas, adding passport pages, passport renewals or lost passports. Be sure to let them know that you are an ATJ traveler. Expedite and rush service is available.


What do I need to know about my passport before traveling?

  • Passports: Apply at least several months in advance for a new passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months BEYOND your return date home and have one or two blank pages marked visa side-by-side, depending on your destination(s). Each country has different requirements. Otherwise, some countries or airlines may not let you enter or even board your international flight(s).
  • Visas: You may need to get a visa before you travel to any of our destinations. Currently, per government requirements, all travelers' passports must have one or two blank pages marked visa side-by-side depending on your destination(s). Each country has different requirements. Otherwise, some countries or airlines may not let you enter or even board your international flight(s).

I need air reservations. What does my passport have to do with ticketing?

Government regulations instituted in 2011 require that air ticket information matches your passport exactly. You may be denied boarding if this information is incorrect.

If your air tickets are arranged through ATJ you will be required to provide us with your full name (first, middle and last name), gender and birth date, exactly as it appears on your passport. Failure to provide us with the correct information may result in significant penalties and increased fares. In addition, ATJ will administer a $75 per person surcharge for any changes made after airline tickets have been booked.

If booking your own air tickets, please keep the above information in mind as well.

Do I need a visa to travel?

The short answer is ‘most likely’. Please refer to the correspondence that was sent to you upon booking, that details each destination’s requirements on your trip. You Travel Specialist will also be able to help guide you. The good news is that most countries offer eVisas, so the process is typically straight forward. Obtaining your visa(s) (if required) is your responsibility, you will not be allowed to board your flight without a visa (if required).

I have booked my trip and am ready to obtain my visa(s). How do I get started?

Shortly after booking your trip, you will receive all necessary information on visas in our Signup Packet. Upon receiving, please become familiar with the requirements of the destination(s) you are traveling to. Note that some destinations will not let you apply for a visa outside of 90 days from departure (sometimes closer). Alternatively, if you are departing soon, you will need to submit for a visa quickly.

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