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Our tour leaders are the best in Asia and the Pacific, experts in art, culture, anthropology, linguistics, and that elusive (but extremely important) field: human interaction. Their intimate knowledge and enthusiasm will make your trip come alive. Take a peek at a few of our featured tour leaders:


Australian Suzanne Noakes has been traveling in Melanesia for the last two decades, leading trips in Papua New Guinea for private groups, university alumni and conservation associations, and has developed a deep understanding of PNG's people, culture, language, flora and fauna.

She owns a tourism policy company that lobbies overseas governments to alleviate poverty through tourism initiatives, and is pursuing her master's degree in this field. She sponsors such initiatives as the Karawari coconut soap press, teacher scholarships and improved water collection projects within the Milne Bay region. Her expertise, energy, rapport with the local people and warm personal style receives the highest praise from our travelers, making Suzanne an unsurpassed Tour Leader in the Land of the Last Unknown.

Carolyn Andrew

CAROLYN ANDREW resides in Sydney, Australia and has extensive experience guiding trips to Papua New Guinea and globally over the past two decades. She has worked for international and educational organizations such as National Geographic and Harvard and Stanford universities. Acting as both a Tour Leader and lecturer on the local history, geography and culture, Carolyn holds a deep appreciation of the traditions of remote Papua New Guinea and has developed wonderful relationships with the local people. With her resourcefulness, keen eye for detail and warm smile, Carolyn is a superb cultural interpreter in this part of the world.

Padmaja Bharti

Padmaja Bharti holds a Master's Degree in International Relations and an MBA. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the Centre for American and West European studies. She is formally trained in Indian classical music, ancient, medieval and modern Indian history, contemporary world history, Indian philosophy, geography and politics.

Padmaja is a certified guide, and has been leading tours around India for a decade. In addition to her keen intelligence, she possesses a gracious yet bold character, rare among women in India. An enlightened, insightful perspective informs her in-depth discussions on a wide range of culturally sensitive issues. Her impeccable skills and knowledge ensure a wonderful journey through India.

K.R. Jairaj 

K.R. Jairaj holds a Bachelors degree in Zoology and a Masters in Sociology from Calicut University, and a diploma in tourism from Annamalai University. A professional guide since 1989, he is sought after for his exceptional skill in imparting his deep knowledge of Indian history and fauna.

He has a knack for relating broad historical perspectives to everyday scenes that travelers encounter, making for rich and insightful discussions. Jairaj is also an avid photographer, and delights in giving travelers insider tips on the best angle and light. His wonderfully hospitable personality and natural kindness make him a favorite with visitors and local staff alike.

Chencho Tshering

Chencho Tshering is a native Bhutanese whose guiding experience spans two decades. He received formal training as a guide for two years in Singapore, and when Bhutan's travel industry was privatized his enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit took hold.

He decided to pursue his passion and put his vast experience to work and became one of the country's most sought-after guides. He has since been escorting groups of different nationalities all over the country. Chencho's engaging personality and deep knowledge of Bhutanese history, religion and art make him an incomparable guide in his beloved homeland.

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