Born from a Journey of Self-Discovery

EST. 1987

Marilyn Downing Staff and Rusty Staff embarked on a year-long around-the-world sojourn in April of ’87 looking to, among other things, find themselves. Their travels took them to the Baltoro Glacier in the Pakistan Karakoram, The Amarnath Hindu pilgrimage high in the Kashmir Himalaya, and an exploration of Southern Thailand, during which they sequestered themselves in the Similan Islands and hatched their plan to organize small group adventures for like-minded individuals. Voila! Bolder Adventures, soon to become Asia-Transpacific Journeys, was born.

Rusty retired from ATJ in 2005 since which, under Marilyn’s leadership, ATJ affirmed it’s industry-leader status and grew way beyond the humble beginnings that Rusty and Marilyn originaly envisioned. After 28 years immersed in ATJ, Marilyn stepped down to pursue her own travel dreams. To ensure ATJ would remain steady on its course, Marilyn passed the company to three long-time employees, Donna Galland (CFO), Eric Kareus (Director of Travel) and Kirsten Louy-Nasty (CEO) who currently lead the team today.

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