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Bucolic. Friendly. Unspoiled.


Travel to Laos to experience a bastion of tradition and one of the best-kept secrets in Asia. Its quiet ambiance, relaxed pace and striking natural beauty nourish one's spirit like the slow-flowing waters of the Mekong provide a lifeline to the Laotian people. Timeless rural scenes and a calm spirituality comprise the warp and weft of Lao life, a place where the soul is slowly awakened to an ancient tempo, all but forgotten in the modern world.

A Closer Look

Closed off to visitors during the 1960s and 70s, Laos retains the mystique of an unexplored wonderland. Its relaxed pace, striking natural beauty, genuine hospitality and rich culture tend to surprise and enchant even the most experienced travelers. Though much of the country remains a tradition-bound agrarian society, the locals display a genuine, open-minded friendliness, warmly welcoming visitors. Recent updates to infrastructure and accommodations are beginning to make the country more accessible but it’s still possible to discover areas long isolated from modernizing influences. Come visit this tantalizing nation before it’s firmly added to the tourist map.

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