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Laos is a year-round destination.

Fall and winter are considered the classic seasons to visit. However, don’t rule out the ‘Green Season’ which brings welcome surprises. Many regions of the country are magical during the summer months, while the most remote areas may be difficult to access and visit due to the lack of modern infrastructure which also happens to be one of Laos’ many charms. 

March | April | May

Warm and tropical in most places and getting hot by the end of the season.

June | July | August

Gradually higher amounts of rainfall as the summer progresses bringing about cooler temperatures and fresh air. Landscapes are lush and verdant, while rivers and waterfalls are at their maximum splendor. The most remote areas of the country may be difficult to reach and explore due to difficult road conditions.

September | October | November

Gradually less rainfall and slightly cooler temperatures as fall progresses into winter. Rice paddies, forests, and jungle provide an emerald green backdrop.

December | January | February

Considered the classic time of year to visit. Little to no rainfall and coolest temperatures of the year, which can be surprisingly refreshing for the tropics.

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