Airlines & Luggage

Can you book my international flights?

Yes. We have a full-service, in-house Air Department. Our volume rates are passed on to you.

Can I request special flight times or air routing?

Yes. We can nearly always accommodate even the most unconventional requests.

When will I receive my air information?

Once we have planned your itinerary we will be able to confirm any flights booked through Asia Transpacific Journeys and include all of your flight information in your confirmed itinerary. If booked through Asia Transpacific Journeys, you will receive airline tickets approximately 10 days prior to your departure from the country along with any other final travel documents.

If I go on a group trip, can I depart or return from my trip on other than the scheduled dates?

Yes. Any pre- or post-trip extensions to a Small Group Trip can easily be arranged on a custom basis.

How many pieces of luggage can I bring? Are there any baggage restrictions?

Baggage restrictions vary by airline. Many carriers to the Asia/Pacific region allow 2 checked bags per person, and each bag is allowed to weigh 50 lbs. for a total of 100lbs. However, many European-based carriers allow only one 50-lb bag per passenger. Furthermore, changes in each carrier’s policies are not unusual. Therefore restrictions cannot be easily summed up. Please visit the web site of your airline to find specific details on what is allowed and what will incur extra fees. If you book your international flights with us we will advise you of any baggage restrictions. Please also note that, if you purchase your domestic flights separately from your international ticket, your domestic carrier will have its own policies regarding how many bags you may bring and how heavy they can be, and the domestic carrier could potentially charge you for ALL bags. Therefore, please check with each individual carrier.

Most flights within Asia that are NOT legs of an international ticket allow only one piece of luggage weighing 44 lbs. Some internal Asia flights and certain destinations such as Papua New Guinea and Bhutan have very severe weight restrictions. If your destination(s) fall under this case, your Travel Specialist will advise you on exact restrictions.

Will there be laundry service?

Laundry service is available in nearly every locale throughout our region. Exceptions include trekking routes, some jungle and monastery stays, and only limited service in remote regions such as Mongolia. Specifics will be included in your customized Travel Guide that you will receive upon making your initial trip deposit.

What type of clothing should I pack?

The answer varies per destination and also may depend on the particular time of year you are traveling. Upon signup you will receive a customized Travel Guide that includes a detailed packing list for your destination(s).

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