Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important to ensure peace of mind on your trip. We offer travel insurance from Arch RoamRight.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

We work with Arch RoamRight to offer the CancelFlex and Pro Plus plans that include the following coverages, and more:

  • Trip cancellation and interruption benefits
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions, if purchased within 21 days of initial trip deposit
  • Medical and security evacuation coverage
  • Lost and delayed baggage benefits
  • Emergency accident and sickness medical coverage
  • 24/7/365 phone assistance

You are also welcome to purchase coverage from another insurance provider of your choice.

Please note that we are unable to vary from our stated cancellation and refund policy regardless of cause. Your best protection is to purchase a travel insurance policy with trip cancellation and trip interruption coverages.

You will receive more information on how to purchase travel insurance upon sign up.

How do I purchase travel insurance?

Arch RoamRight offers a variety of coverages to help manage your travel risks.

With the Arch RoamRight plan you may qualify for pre-existing medical condition exclusion by purchasing the policy within 21 days of making your initial trip payment/deposit, as long as you ultimately insure the total value of all nonrefundable payments/deposits before traveling. In addition, you can qualify for the pre-existing medical condition waiver by first insuring just the deposit amount paid and then subsequently upgrading the policy coverage later on as you make future trip payments by contacting RoamRight customer service at 1-866-891-6614.

Please see Description of Coverage for full details. All insureds must be medically able to travel when insurance is purchased. Coverage may vary by state.

Please note that other carriers may have different terms and timeframes for pre-existing conditions.

To request a quote and purchase a travel insurance plan from ArchRight, click the button below.


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