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Summertime – s’mores, bonfire, landscapes, sleeping bags, friends and family. Camping, there is nothing quite like it. But this is not your cold, muddy, cannot-get-the-ground-stakes-in type of camping. Go camping in Asia and enjoy the wonders of this primal activity in pristine locations unparalleled elsewhere. We bring you our top 4 eco-friendly camping experiences to offer you the feeling of summer throughout the year!

camping cabins in the eco-camp in Botom Sakor National park. Wooden trails minimize the human footprint.

Cardamon Tented Camp: Cambodia

Cardamom Tented Camp is a new initiative that offers eco-friendly experiences to adventure enthusiasts interested in being a part of real conservation work. The eco-camp is home to nine comfortable safari-style tents located inside Botum Sakor National Park that minimize the human footprint on the natural world and serve as a role model in promoting sustainable tourism practices in the park and within Cambodia as a whole.

The desire to create the camp grew out of a concern that an 18,000-hectare (180 km2) concession would fall into the hands of loggers, poachers, and sand dredging operations. The tract of land is home to pristine lowland and coastal habitats linking wildlife corridors to the Cardamom Mountains.

The safari-style camp includes nine furnished and comfortable boutique tents, each with a private bathroom.

view inside a room, brick walls painted white, wood accents.

Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa: India

Located on the border of India and Nepal in Uttar Pradesh, Dudhwa National Park is one of the best places to experience a classic camp adventure. Learn about several conservation initiatives, explore the park, looking for unique and illusive wildlife such as the Indian crocodile and the 12-horned deer. Discover a variety of birds, unique to this area on the shores of the local lake. Your safari would not be complete without a jungle experience searching for the big cats, the tiger and the leopard.  

Walk on the abundant trails, listen to the many sounds and enjoy the quiet. Or, we can arrange a village visit to a local community and learn their way of life. 

With a wealth of ultra-luxurious accommodation options, you can make yourself supremely comfortable in the luxury rooms in the main building of the lodge, which dates back to the 1940s. Or our thatched-roofed luxury villas are ideal for families seeking a more personalized holiday experience.

View of trails in a luscious green and mountainous terrain.

Leopard Trails Bespoke Tented Safaris: Sri Lanka

Leopard Trails’ bespoke tented safaris redefine the original tented safari with convenient modern-day amenities, all the while staying true to the romantic ambiance of a bygone British colonial era filled with adventure. This is the most authentic form of safari, a true immersion into the sights and sounds of the wilderness. Tents are ideally suited to allow you to enjoy and preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings without compromising on comfort.

By using only renewable energy and non-permanent structures, we help to conserve our nature reserves whilst bringing you a unique and authentic safari experience. 

Sun setting behind an imposing Cambodian architecture in the background. The forground has the view of a swamp with lilies.

Shinta Mani Wild: Cambodia

Opening in the fall of 2018, Shinta Mani Wild is a new concept for a luxury camp experience in Cambodia, combining world-class design, hospitality, and conservation to create a new model for public/private partnerships that will not only conserve and protect threatened wildlands but will also create new and sustainable opportunities for the people that traditionally call these lands home.

Perched on the edge of the sanctuary’s biggest waterfall are the “Landing Zone Bar” and “Waterfall Restaurant,” where guests will be able to sample locally inspired food with ingredients sourced through the Shinta Mani Foundation, foraged from the surrounding forests and, on occasion flown in from all corners of the globe. The “Boulders Spa” is a full-service Khmer Spa featuring natural, chemical-free products by Khmer Tonics.

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