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Before planning luxury tours of Japan, you’ll first want to decide which region you wish to visit most. All cultures represent a mix of the indigenous and the assimilated, but Japan is singularly defined by its ability to preserve ancient traditions while thriving amidst the modern. The nation’s rich history provides many points-of-interests to visit when traveling to Japan. Thus, it is a land where the national sport, Sumo wrestling (dating back to 200 AD as a Shinto rite to produce an abundant harvest), vies for TV time with the post WWII-era baseball craze. Highly ritualized yet simple, elegant yet bold, traditional yet evolving, static yet dynamic -- Japan's contradictions are utterly fascinating.

A Closer Look

All cultures are a mix of the indigenous and the assimilated, but Japan excels in its unfailing ability to preserve the ancient while incorporating the modern. This powerful skill has enabled Japan to adopt foreign influences to its advantage, while still preserving its Japanese character. Shinto and Buddhist reverence for simplicity and harmony lend an understated beauty to traditional art and architecture. Yet simultaneously, Japan’s metropolises are a buzzing, non-stop, neon-lit carnival of high rises, pachinko parlors and crushing humanity. Wildly energetic and imaginative, it’s no wonder that Japan’s pop culture and bleeding-edge technology is world-renowned.

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