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Japan is a year round destination, depending on your interests.

While the spring and fall are considered the best times of the year to visit, there are compelling reasons to visit during the winter and summer months as well. ATJ’s travel specialists are uniquely qualified to help our travelers discover the best times of year to visit based on one’s interests and expectations.

March | April | May

Temperate and pleasant throughout the country. Japan’s famed cherry blossom season typically starts along the coastal areas and lower elevation locations in late March and can last through mid to late April at higher elevations and most northerly latitudes. Mid- March through late-May is one of the finest times of the year to visit. Due to the popularity of cherry blossom season, travelers need to start planning a minimum of 10-12 months in advance.

June | July | August

With increasing moisture and temperatures, most of Japan can be hot and humid from early June through the end of July except for the higher elevations and the northern island of Hokkaido. Summer marks the planting and growing season as Japan’s iconic gardens, lush forests, rice paddies, mountain streams and waterfalls are at their most beautiful.

September | October | November

Along with spring, the fall is the best time of year to visit Japan for most. Warm early fall temperatures give way to beautiful fall weather beginning in mid-September through late November.  For many the gorgeous fall foliage rivals the beauty of cherry blossom season but without the crowds. It is still necessary to plan in advance, at least 8-10 months is advisable.

December | January | February

Often overlooked by most, winter is a wonderful and interesting time of year to visit this island nation. Japan has some of the best snow and mountain vistas in the world, not to mention the famed snow monkeys of Nagano. Very few destinations can rival ringing in the New Year in Tokyo or on the ski slopes followed by a much deserved island holiday on one of Okinawa’s beautiful, subtropical white sand beaches.

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