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Bhutan is generally best visited during the spring and fall months. However, some may find compelling reasons to visit during the summer and winter months including far, fewer visitors.

Similar to the regions of northern India and Nepal, Bhutan ranges from tropical to sub-arctic at the highest elevations making it an ideal travel destination for most of the year. Elevation has the most significant impact on the temperatures and weather, making most of the country pleasant and temperate year-round. Rainfall can make overland travel difficult especially from early to mid-summer. Outdoor activities need to be planned accordingly to ensure a successful visit. ATJ’s travel specialists are uniquely qualified to help our travelers discover the best times of year to visit based on their interests.


March, April, May

Considered one of the best times of year to visit. Warm and pleasant in all locations including the higher elevations. Enjoy blooming rhododendrons forests at higher elevations and a variety of flowering fruit and ornamental trees at lower elevations. One of the best times of year for hiking and treks.


June, July, August

Summer ushers in the monsoon as rainfall gradually increases from late June through late August. Heavy rainfall can impact overland travel on Bhutan’s limited road systems, especially mountain passes and recently improved roads in central and eastern Bhutan.


September, October, November

Considered one of the best times of the year to visit. Gradually less and less rainfall gives way to some of the best weather of the year with crystal blue skies and mountain vistas in every direction. One of the best times of year for hiking and treks.


December, January, February

A surprising and unique time of year to visit except for elevations above 10,000’ where nighttime temperatures can easily dip well below freezing. However, lower elevation (the valley areas) can be surprisingly temperate with pleasant, sunny days and crisp, cool nights. Beautiful clear and sunny days and breathtaking, snowcapped mountain vistas in every direction.

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