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china weather

China is the third largest country in the world by land size. It’s incredibly diverse landscapes and weather patterns need to be considered when planning a visit.

China is home to almost every climatic zone known to man ranging from tropical to sub-arctic and everything in between. Like other countries dominated by continental climates, similar to most of the USA and even Europe, the spring and fall months will always be the best time of year to visit for most but there are always places to explore regardless of the time of year.  ATJ’s travel specialists are uniquely qualified to help our travelers discover the best times of year to visit based on one’s interests. 

March | April | May

Temperate and pleasant throughout most of the country except the highest, most extreme elevations at the beginning of spring, but giving way to wonderful weather throughout every region and province by mid spring. Late March through early June May is one of the best times of the year to visit.

June | July | August

Most provinces in China experience their highest rainfall amounts during the mid to late summer months, particularly the southeast as well as highest elevations such as the Tibetan Plateau which can make for difficult and unpredictable travel especially in areas with less developed road systems.

September | October | November

Warmer and humid summer weather gives way to splendid fall temperatures and weather through most of the country. Mid-September through mid-November is one of the best times of the year to visit.

December | January | February

Winter is obviously the coldest time of the year to visit with frigid temperatures ranging from the highest elevations to the interior desert and grassland steppes. However, southeastern coastal areas and southwestern China are known locally for their temperate, subtropical weather including Yunnan and Fujian Provinces as well The Great Bay Area including Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macao and Hainan Island.

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