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Fiji's largest island is its political and cultural center. It also offers wonderfully diverse possibilities for exploration, from luxury resorts and cruises to truly remote rainforest treks and visits to traditional villages in the highlands.

An intriguing blend of cultures make for interesting architectural and religious sites. Superb snorkeling, sailing, horse-back riding, Fiji's best restaurants and nightlife, and easy logistics make the Big Island a great choice for a one-stop adventure.


Fiji's second-largest island is famous around the world for its snorkeling sites. The island offers more for the adventurous traveler, including mountain biking, and rainforest hiking.

Sea kayak around its beautiful bays, or visit a copra plantation to learn about the historical importance of the coconut to this island's economy. A bit less visited than Fiji's main island, Vanua Levu has some truly amazing eco-resorts and a laid-back feel.


During your Fiji vacation, travel to the very remote islands of the Lau Group. Your days will be filled with island exploration, meeting villagers, hikes to magnificent waterfalls, dinners under the stars, walking amazing trails and kayaking through the bay of islands.

Marvel at the breathtaking snorkeling, incredible marine life and deep sea fishing opportunities among these pristine, untouched islands.


Made famous as the shooting location for The Blue Lagoon, the Yasawa island chain is a South Pacific dream come to life. Then again, they may as well have picked the Mamanuca chain for the film, as they are equally enchanting.

Just off the west coast of Viti Levu, these islands beckon the adventurous soul with their wide open expanses of blue water and white sand.


One of the best ways to travel Fiji and explore a number of these islands is to take day cruises from Nadi. Enjoy stops on uninhabited islands such as Mana, or Day Dream Island. Snorkel in their clear waters teeming with fish, boasting perhaps the best snorkeling in all of Fiji. Explore traditional villages on tiny, remote islands where the Fijian people live as they have done for centuries, keeping the spirit of island legends alive with their traditional and simple lifestyle. Charter a private sail boat or join in an exclusive cruise with unlimited complimentary champagne and gourmet cuisine. Take a multi-day cruise, sleeping aboard ship, anchored in serene coves. Call us with your idea of the perfect cruise through the Fijian islands and we'll work out the details for you.


Have more time, venturing to the area for a second time, or looking for something specific? Here are some additional adventures when creating your custom travel plan.


Taveuni ranks third in size and is one of its finest islands, known as the "Garden Isle of Fiji." Simply put, this is the place for nature lovers. Every characteristic of Fijian scenery is found on Taveuni, while all the tropical trees, fruits and vegetables are produced here in abundance.

Snorkelers can also access the Rainbow Reef from Taveuni, as well as a general profusion of underwater wonders. From natural waterfall slides to sea canoeing, Taveuni is not to be missed when traveling Fiji.


Leave the crowds of tourists behind as you paddle along a remote section of Taveuni, a route considered an all-time classic South Pacific coastline. Copious waterfalls, streams, thick jungles, open ocean and coral reef set on a typical shield volcano make for a fantastic experience, along with great snorkeling and camping on a beach under the stars. You'll be treated to Fijian seafood dinners that friendly guides forage from the sea. Renowned for their delectable fresh meals and attention to the local ecology, our sea canoe trips in Fiji could be the perfect way to discover the tranquil delights of this island country.


DAY ONE: Pick-up from lodging or airport, and commence a one-hour drive along the coastline road to the village of Lavena, where civilization stops. Lavena has no electricity but is rich with big smiles. Lunch at a beach along Lavena Coastal Walk, then paddle around Lavena Point and into the open ocean, and along the coast to Nacawa Beach. Land at Nacawa river-mouth where guides make camp. Hike up a 300-yard streambed to Nacawa Falls. Dinner and beach campfire. Sleep in tents on the beach.

DAY TWO: Breakfast. Paddle to Semi Cave and hike to Waivuso Falls. Picnic lunch at the Falls. Return hike and reef walk, paddle back to camp at Nacawa. Evening reef walk. Dinner and beach campfire. Sleep in tents on the beach.

DAY THREE: Breakfast. Pack kayaks and paddle to Wai Ni Vakaca Triple Falls, all the way upstream at high tide. Picnic lunch at Wai Ni Vakaca Falls. Afternoon paddle back to Lavena Village. Transfer to your lodging.


In the high mountains of Taveuni there is a beautiful lake of considerable size, pouring through an outlet on the west. This stream furnishes the township of Somosomo with a good supply of fresh water. A smaller outlet to the east discharges enough water to form a small cascade. A flowering plant called Tagimoucia is found only on the shores of this lake-all attempts to transplant it to lower altitudes have failed. The plant has bunches of flowers, red with a white entree, and is the most beautiful of all Fijian wild flowers. The variety of birds to be seen is astonishing.


Fiji has some special places situated away from the big resorts, and the Bouma National Heritage Park is one of them. Bouma National Heritage Park encompasses around 15,000 hectares of pristine rainforest-the best and biggest example you'll see anywhere during your one-of-a-kind Fiji vacation. The park features untracked rainforest, outstanding waterfalls, and forest and coastal walks ranging from 15-minutes strolls to full-day adventures. Here are some examples of things to do:


A "must do" featuring three boisterous waterfalls with superb swimming, surrounded by tropical rainforest. Here you will also find a natural waterslide where local residents have enjoyed themselves for centuries. Walks range from 15 minutes to two hours return.


Definitely a Fiji travel highlight. Located in a spectacular setting of white coral and black volcanic sand beaches, pristine native forest, and wild coastline, Lavena offers nature lovers a wealth of scenic and recreational attractions, so beautiful it was used as a location for the film Return to the Blue Lagoon. A clear and well-formed three-mile path starts from Lavena village and snakes along the coastline. During your walk a guide will explain the history of the area and how different plants performed necessary functions in Fijian society, from stunning fish to healing sickness.


A full-day adventure featuring a guided trip through the heart of the Bouma National Heritage Park. There is abundant birdlife, massive tropical trees and intriguing old hill forts and other archaeological remains. Best of all, the walk finishes with a swim at the Bouma Waterfalls-a cool way to end the trip.



Visit Fiji's capital city, Suva, the center of commerce and the seat of the Government. This city boasts a rich colonial past and includes sites such as the President's residence, Albert Park and Thurston Botanical Gardens.

Visit the Museum or enjoy great shopping and local restaurants. Departs daily except Sunday.


Those making the one- to three-hour hike to the top of this range will be rewarded with wonderful views of Suva, and the islands of Beqa, Yanuca, Serua, and Kadavu.


This delightful park, near town, features three natural swimming pools with rope swings, and is also a birder's paradise. The early morning observer may well be greeted by the scarlet robin and spotted fantail. The park is home to mixed flocks of golden whistlers, blue-crested broadbills, slaty flycatchers, spotted fantails, sulphur-breasted musk parrot and barking pigeon, among other species.


Located in the heart of Suva's Thurston Gardens, the Fiji Museum holds a remarkable collection of archaeological material spanning Fijian history, dating to the first settlement 3,500 years ago, as well as cultural material documenting the history of its various communities. The truly intriguing collection of historical artifacts includes a boot that once belonged to a prominent missionary. It alone survived the feasting that ensued when the missionary offended a tribal chief. Pre-European maritime technology, the Vitian household, traditional religion, ways of dressing, music, games and warfare are also showcased, as well as the rudder of the HMS Bounty, salvaged from the wreck in the Pitcairn Islands. A fascinating stop on any tour of Fiji.



This trek offers a wonderful contrast of stunning waterfalls, spectacular grasslands and forests.

Stay in Fijian villages where you will encounter true island hospitality and enjoy a cultural Fiji travel experience not available to the average visitor. This journey will include daily treks, ranging from four to six hours long, swimming in natural spring pools, riding horses, bamboo rafting, visits to plantations and village explorations. Very remote and one of our all-time favorites.


Trek through Fiji's "salad bowl" region to one of the last fortresses of Fiji's cannibal history. Crawl through passages to discover a sacred cave where cannibal ceremonies once took place for an insightful, out-of-the-ordinary Fiji vacation experience. Cannibal oven and ritual platform still remain intact. A descendent of the last cannibal tribe will be your guide. This glimpse of indigenous Fijian culture is arresting and insightful.


In July 1989, the Sigatoka Sand Dunes were designated as Fiji's first National Park and their management handed over to the National Trust of Fiji. The Dunes are a unique feature of Fiji's National Heritage. They form an area of outstanding natural beauty covering 650 hectares, and offer a rich combination of interesting features. Archaeological excavations on the eastern end of the dunes have revealed a substantial ancient burial complex. The western end of the Park is important in that it provides a typical-and now rare-example of natural Fijian beach forest. There are 165 recorded plant species growing in the park. The park supports a small population of reptiles and migratory birds.


Kula is located on Queens Road, opposite the Outrigger Reef Resort east of Sigatoka town. Being Fiji's only wildlife park, Kula is the breeding center for Fiji's endangered species. The park provides free hands-on environmental education to Fiji's children. Visitors can spend hours observing parrots, lorikeets, falcons, hawks, fruit bats, snakes, iguanas and marine life. Learn about Fiji's flora and fauna in natural settings.


An exhilarating way to tour Fiji, take a 4WD safari into the interior, over hills and across rivers. Stop at a nature reserve to take in the local flora and fauna, and hold a rare Fijian crested iguana. Visit the island pottery village, where women demonstrate a craft handed down by the ancestors. A visit to a Tongan hill fort, guided by one of the descendants, offers a glimpse of early tribal life. At twilight, motor into an Indian village, for an authentic family dinner prepared by your Indian hosts.


Trek to a giant 120-foot waterfall, steeped in mystery and legend. A crystal clear swimming lagoon hosts therapeutic waters, amidst a wondrous setting of ancient trees and lush tropical surroundings.


This is a great opportunity to get way out of the tourist ruts and experience "real life" during your trip to Fiji. Our friends from the village invite you to join in with their daily lives. You will be met by your village guide, and become immersed in native life. Join a herbal medicine man or woman to explore the native plants and herbs found in the rainforest. Join in local style fishing as you hunt for prawns, and fish for your lunch. Learn to prepare alovo pit (underground oven), and try your hand at village handicrafts. Village guides will take you on a trek through some of their sacred sites, and tell you the legends and spirits that abound in the area. Help prepare your feast, and eat, island style, on mats in the common meeting room.


Your journey begins on a motor boat which takes you up the scenic Navua River, passing waterfalls and deep gorges. Visit a traditional Fijian village, and enjoy a traditional Fijian lunch. Join in a kava ceremony, an ancient Fijian rite, involving the ritualized imbibing of yaqona, made from pepper-plant roots and reserved in former times for chiefs and priests. Sipping kava may make your lips tingle and your head feel numb, but according to local tradition you've entered into communion with the world of the spirits. Enjoy a relaxing swim in fresh mountain water.


Travel to the protected waters of Beqa Island. Drop anchor and launch sea kayaks to explore the white sandy beaches, coral gardens and tranquility of uninhabited Nanuku Island. Paddle deep into the cliff-lined interior to Lawaqalevu Island, where hundreds of fruit bats cling to the surrounding trees like overripe fruit. Tide permitting, paddle through a secret mangrove tunnel that leads to the great blue beyond - a truly unforgettable Fiji travel experience. Here views of surrounding islands, snorkeling, island exploration and peaceful paddling fill the remainder of the afternoon. Conclude the journey by riding the waves and chasing the setting sun back to the mainland.


Begin your trek along the scenic Coral Coast highway, then take your bike journey into the rainforests and jungles of the Upper Navua River. This 20-mile-plus route will take you high into Fiji's interior. Overnight at one of the local villages, joining with the villagers for a bowl of kava and ancient stories, or return to your resort on the Coral Coast for the evening.


With over 300 islands Fiji has some truly out-there places to get away from it all, and explore island culture that has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. Contact us and we'll help you plan a trip to Fiji and its remote outer


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