Malaysia Peninsular Tours


From the Petronas Towers (some of the world’s tallest) to the lively markets of Little India and Chinatown and charming city streets dotted with Victorian and Moorish architecture, Malaysia’s capital city is a fascinating amalgam of new and old. A visit to the huge National Mosque, inspired by the Grand Mosque in Mecca, offers an intriguing glimpse into one of the many religious communities in this diverse city.


This vast park contains some of the planet’s most pristine and ancient stands of primary rainforest. Spot rare nocturnal creatures on a night jungle walk, enjoy a jungle picnic trip or float down a lush waterway to Lata Berkoh rapids.


The first British settlement in Southeast Asia, this island offers an enchanting mix of grand colonial buildings and authentic local culture. Simply wandering the alleys of Georgetown, the capital city, is an experience in itself; the religious rituals of the resident Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus create intriguing spectacles at the many temples and mosques throughout the city.


Home to numerous colonial-era tea plantations, jungle trails, waterfalls and mountains, the Cameron Highlands are an ideal place to escape the heat of the rest of the peninsula.


Historically important as a trading port for ships from India and China, and conquered by Portuguese, Dutch and British rulers, Melaka retains a fascinating mix of Chinese and European culture. Visit Portuguese fortress ruins, the Dutch colonial architecture of Town Square, or China Hill, which houses the largest Chinese cemetery outside of China.

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