Traditional. Vast. Intriguing.

Ride a Camel

Tour the Gobi Desert on camelback.

Attend a festival

Attend an iconic, local naadam (festival), celebrating the ancient arts of wrestling, archery and horse racing.

See the Monasteries

Uncover the timeless connection to Buddhism and ancient places of worship, still revered today.

Visit the ancient capital

Explore Mongolia’s idiosyncratic capital city of Ulaanbaatar, including the iconic Ganden Khiid Monastery.

Get comfortable

Stay in comfortable, furnished gers (traditional collapsible yurts).

See the stars

Stargaze from your remote ger camp on the shores of Lake Khovsgol.

Watch the horses

Spot wild Przewalski’s horses (also called “takhi”) on an evening game drive.

Start your journey