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vietnam weather

Vietnam is a year-round destination.

There is always a region of Vietnam that has nice weather. Your ATJ Travel Expert will help you maximize your travel experiences based on your interests and the time of year.

March | April | May

Warm and tropical in most places and getting hot by the end of the season, which tends to be the best time of year for most beach areas.

June | July | August

Gradually higher amounts of rainfall as the summer progresses bringing about cooler temperatures and fresh air. Landscapes are lush and verdant.

September | October | November

Gradually less rainfall and slightly cooler temperatures as fall progresses into winter. Rice paddies, forests, and jungle provide an emerald green backdrop.

December | January | February

Considered the classic time of year to visit. Little to no rainfall and the coolest temperatures of the year. The northern mountains tend to be cold at night, but with warmer, pleasant days. Coastal waters can be on the cool side, except for the southern-most beach areas.

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