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India Travel Experience

A Lavish India Wedding

July 1, 2017

After traveling with ATJ several times in the past, we engaged them to help us with another trip but this one was spurred by our friends weddings in India. I had spent a number of years living in India between the ages of 11-15 years old, (Calcutta and Bombay) and attended school in both of those places. I've kept in touch with several classmates since that time. One of my girlfriends from school days in Calcutta invited us to her daughter’s wedding in Mumbai, which served as an excellent excuse for a trip! We packed just one suitcase of only the wedding outfits and gifts. As is traditional, the wedding was 3 days of multiple events, lavish saris, jewelry and feasts. Indians come out in their full glory at weddings and the women are literally dripping and covered head to toe with gold, precious & semi-precious gems. It’s a feast for the eyes.

The total trip was 24 days including the 3 days of wedding events.

ATJ was instrumental in transferring us to our friends house and assisted in picking up wedding garments shipments to Mumbai. Getting our outfits together for the wedding was an experience. It requires a different dress for each occasion so we are appropriately attired - 2 Saris, a Kurti & Salwar Kameez for me and Indian Kurta Pajamas & western suits for David. I had a new sari blouse made in Berkeley-the center of Indian life in the Bay Area. The old ones from 45 years ago did NOT fit any more--and it wasn't because they were too big. Funnily enough, they took my measurements, sent it all to India along with the fabric I chose, and returned it 3 weeks later, ready to go!

- Karen G. 

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