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Announcing Morocco & Egypt Destinations!

ATJ has been busy. We now provide unique custom and private experiences to two iconic destinations, Morocco and Egypt. We have established great resources and unparalleled experiences in both destinations, like our other wonderful, time-tested countries throughout Asia and the Middle East. We would love to tailor for you a trip beyond the ordinary to either or both of these two show-stoppers. 

Morocco has long been at the crossroads of the world. With its privileged geography cradled into the northwest corner of Africa, for centuries caravans carrying salt, gold, and spices made their way across Africa and the Sahara Desert to Morocco to trade with merchants coming from Europe and the Americas. Today, the long history of trade and artisanal goods lives on in the medieval cities of Fez and Marrakesh, while the famed Moroccan spirit of hospitality, welcoming guests from around the world, lives on throughout the country. From the fascinating Tuareg people of the Sahara to the indigenous Amazigh people of Morocco, who still thrive in the rural reaches of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco is a country with a long, colorful history.

Egypt needs no introduction. Think the Great Pyramids, The Nile River, the bustling city of Cairo, sites of great historical significance, ancient history and a crossroads where Africa-meets-Europe-meets-the-Middle East. Culture, cuisine, the arts, trading, agriculture, and life from the past—the mesmerizing yet elusive artifacts of pharaohs, still being discovered. We do Egypt differently. We tailor-make an itinerary just for you, no groups, no buses, no hassle: a private journey, on your time frame, with unique personal meetings with historians and other contemporary personalities. As with all of our journeys, enjoy getting to know your private guide and driver, who will help you take in and interpret the magnificence of what lays in front of you. Of note, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is slated to open in November 2022 which is the 100th year of Howard Carter’s (famed British archaeologist and Egyptologist) discovery. Let us reserve your tickets now.

Let Us Reserve Your Tickets Now

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