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Escape The Chill With Asia Transpacific Journeys

While winter can be romantic, (who doesn’t love snow-topped mountains and sledding?) inevitably, the novelty of arctic temperatures and icy roads wears off, leaving one to yearn for warmer and brighter days. This winter, we’re jetting off to warmer climates and exciting adventures in New Zealand and Australia.

New Zealand and Australia’s winter isn’t really winter at all. In fact, because they’re in the southern hemisphere, one might mistake January in New Zealand for a mild August in the United States. Australia is one of Asia Transpacific’s most sought after destinations, with a variety of activities ripe for the picking. Tour the famous Sydney Opera House, and relax with the performers at an exclusive green room post-show event. Or, if you’re keen on adventure, climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which most only dare to observe from afar. A team of professionals will assist you in the climb as the city buzzes around you. The views from the highest point of the city and Blue Mountains are unforgettable, and the bragging rights for attempting such a feat are equally impressive! If winding down with a glass of red is more your style, climb in a vintage Daimler for a private tour of renowned Barossa Valley vineyards with an expert sommelier. Meet the winemakers responsible for the most remarkable wines the region has to offer, and taste a variety of vintages. Cap it all off with a picnic lunch of local fare – artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and local produce (and more wine, of course), and end your night at a charming and sophisticated B&B.

New Zealand is often overlooked, but a gem to behold, full of friendly faces, charm, and a remarkable foodie scene. On the North Island, Auckland is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city infused with laid-back, urban charm and full of delightful hotels and gourmet dining. Sail on a prize-winning yacht, walk through a tunnel aquarium, and explore the War Memorial Museum to gain a better understanding of Kiwi history. Wanting an authentic, cultural experience? Asia Transpacific Journeys can arrange a homestay or farmstay throughout the region to garner a better understanding of the culture and landscape. Whether tucked away in the lush foothills of New Zealand’s Southern Alps or on a luxury farm in Hawkes Bay, a homestay is an ideal option for travelers who love to connect with people on their adventures.

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