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A Farewell To 2015

All of us at Asia Transpacific Journeys have had quite the year of adventure and, of course, travel. While that’s not exactly news (we’ve been at this quite a while – nearly 30 years, to be exact!) it never ceases to amaze us how truly inspiring our days are.

Entrusted with the task of giving our travelers a unique experience abroad, we have the distinct privilege of making memories that last a lifetime. For that, we feel incredibly lucky. The magic we are able to create for travelers is all due to our amazing and capable staff. Passionate about people, travel, and the experiences they facilitate, we could not imagine a more remarkable group of people to lead travelers through their journeys to Asia and the Pacific. We’re embracing 2016 with the same zest for life and travel as we have in past years, with new destinations and experiences for past and prospective travelers to enjoy. From luxury glamping among Angkor-ruins in Cambodia, to river boating along the River Ganges, we’ve never been more eager for adventure and exploration.

Some of our highlights from this year…

ATJ kicked off 2015 with a private invitation to showcase travel to Asia during the famous Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
Another photo of the team, at our “Taste of Asia” event in NYC.
Staff and friends came together to celebrate the year with wonderful (And festive!) Nepalese and Indian food and drinks. This year, we chose Kathmandu II in Boulder, CO (where ATJ’s home office is).

Here’s to hoping your 2015 has been fruitful, fun, and happy, and that 2016 will be a year of adventure. Where will you journey with us next?

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