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For the Love of Travel

As you know, we are committed to our passion of bringing Asia and the Pacific to you. Even in challenging times, we aren’t stopping. As an owner-managed company, our exceptional quality of service is a direct reflection of both our staff and travel experts in our Boulder, Colorado office, as well as our staff in the field.

Our employees are well-educated, committed and diverse. With an average rate of retention of 16 years of experience and an average of 30 countries visited, each of us continue to renew our knowledge daily as well as build bulletproof local relationships to earn our titles as true travel experts who love what we do.

Turkey, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Maldives, and Sri Lanka are all ready for you! As more of our destinations open, you’ll be the first to know. Should you want to start planning or discussing options for travel please feel free to reach out with any questions as well as peruse our catalog.

Given over a year to deep dive and research our destinations and communicate with all our travel partners, 2020 didn’t slow us down a bit! Enthusiastic travelers themselves, the authoritative knowledge of our Travel Experts makes planning your next journey effortless and enjoyable. Regularly recognized by Travel + Leisure as unequivocal experts in their field, we are here to help start planning your travel for 2021 and beyond. This month, we are featuring two of our exceptional specialists!

Jen Boyd: 
I predict that as the vaccine is rolled out in the US and in other countries, and borders begin to reopen, that people are going to be anxious to explore again.  Wanderlust is an intense desire that cannot be suppressed. The need and desire to travel is always with those of us who live vicariously through experiences.  Travel is about experiences and we are starving for these experiences after a year plus of being cooped up. Right now I’m working on trips for clients to French Polynesia, Sri Lanka and Turkey mostly, but am also getting many requests for Japan, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand to name  a few.  As for my upcoming travels, put me on a plane to pretty much anywhere and I’ll be happy! But honestly, rescheduling my return trip to South Australia and Tasmania that had to be cancelled will be high on my list as well as a trip back to Thailand and Cambodia with a stop in Singapore for my 9 year old daughter and me. 

Lesa Clarkson:

Being able to travel to Asia again is just on the horizon and recently I have been receiving more phone calls and emails from clients ready to plan their journeys. They all are eager to once again experience the wonder and joy of exploring new destinations. Some are planning to depart this summer, while most are planning trips for this fall or next winter.

I am also one of those eager travelers. Every winter my family enjoys numerous ski trips, but with last year’s season cut short and this season seeing us staying close to home, we decided to go big next winter. Plans are in the works for Japan. We can’t wait to ski through the incredible snow monsters of Zao and the deep powder of Hokkaido. This will be my children’s first trip to Japan and besides the skiing, they are excited for the delicious cuisine, fun pop culture, and beautiful hot springs. I am excited to again experience Japan, but this time through new eyes.

I predict next year being a big year for travel. Enjoy not only the journey, but the process of planning it, we are ready when you are!

ATJ Foundation is committed to the rescue, research, care and the future of the elephant in their natural habitat. Our support focuses specifically on addressing injured and sick elephants that are forced to work in entertainment venues and cities. Elephants living in urban environments that are wounded, malnourished and dehydrated, or those being used illegally and commercially under deprived conditions, are at the forefront of our mission and tourism can play a significant role through support and awareness.

And remember, for every trip you plan and book through July 31st, 2021, we will donate $250 in your name to our “Have You Herd” project!

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