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We Stand With Myanmar, part 2

Join Us in Supporting Those in Need.

Its been over 100 days since the coup in Myanmar began and over 30 days since we launched our Myanmar Fundraiser to help those affected on the ground. We wanted to touch base with an update. 
First of all, thank you to the many who have donated to the ATJ Foundation toward this effort. We have received over $35,000 to date and will continue to inspire interest on behalf of you all. Our friends, community members, guides, drivers and loved ones in Myanmar, are so very thankful even as this situation continues. 
Our aim is to bring awareness to what is going on there and to provide food and medical care for prisoners of conscious (POC) and their families, as well as hire lawyers to represent both illegally detained POC and those who will be arrested in the imminent future. All monies that have been raised have gone directly to these causes and are being overseen by Kyaw, Ye Ye and their group of organizers and reported back to Asia Transpacific Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 
Kyaw and Ye Ye have sent us some images of their hard work on the ground, with vetting and distribution to those in need. Despite intermittent internet disruption, local organizers needing to be extremely careful in their work, as well as experiencing the pain and suffering going on there, we are hopeful that our small effort has made a difference. 
Kyaw’s next and most immediate project is to try to buy enough rice to fill a large truck to deliver to those most affected in Bagan who are low on food.

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