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Stretching from the Himalayas in the north, to the Sunderban mangrove swamps in the south, West Bengal experiences a rapid transition of geology. Irrigated by the Ganges before it bifurcates into a delta, West Bengal’s River plains are fertile and productive. With a long history of feudalism, followed by colonialism, the region has been the centre stage for rebellions, revolutions, and renaissances – which could perhaps explain the fiery spirit that defines most Bengalis. Other stereotypes about the people of West Bengal, also include a refined sense of art, a love for debate, a weakness for sweetmeats and a passion for football in a nation that worships cricket! Trace the state’s history through its colonial monuments and institutions, glimpse the lives of the humbler folk as you cruise along the Ganges, discover the literary and art legacy at Shantiniketan, experience the vibrant heritage of Murshidabad followed by the colonial charm of Balakhana – to better understand the pulse of West Bengal.
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