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Palau’s Jellyfish Lake must be seen to be believed. Snorkeling among these millions of stingless jellyfish is an unforgettable experience. Off the island of Yap, Manta Rays are the draw. Swim alongside these gentle giants as they glide through the water with ease and grace.


Snorkel within some of the world’s most pristine and colorful coral reefs. Taveuni’s offshore Rainbow Reef lives up to its name with a profusion of technicolor corals. Kosrae’s unspoiled marine eco-system is a favorite haunt for grouper, barracudas, hump-headed parrotfish and docile white-tip reef sharks. And Niue’s mysterious coastal caves reveal hidden underwater worlds.


Venture to Palau to see its historical past preserved on intricately-carved wooden storyboards and in delicate woven artifacts, dance, music, myths and legends. On Pohnpei, explore the mysterious ancient site of Nan Madol, known as the “Venice of the Pacific,” and sip sacred sakau, a ceremonial drink made from black pepper and served in a coconut shell.


Trek inland on Taveuni to reach beautiful Lake Tagimoucia, rich with birdlife and unusual flora. The rare Tagimoucia flower, considered the most beautiful in Fiji, is found only on its shores. Tahiti Iti is covered with excellent walking trails leading to stunning panoramas and hidden beaches. On Pohnpei, climb Mt. Kupwuriso via a trail that passes through lush forest. The gentle winds on the summit are prized by the local people for their ability to cure pain and melancholy.


Explore Palau’s Ulong Island to see ancient rock art, forgotten Yapese stone money and numerous, intriguing, historical monuments. Then travel to Pohnpei, where WWII artifacts dot the peaks and mysterious petroglyphs are etched into rock slabs. On Yap, history lurks beneath the waves—snorkel Truk Lagoon to see an entire Japanese fleet resting on the seafloor.


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