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They say there’s no time like the present, but that has never been more apt than now: it’s a golden moment for travel to Myanmar, often referred to as Burma. The country is opening its doors, and a joie de vivre is permeating the land. At the same time, there is a palpable sense that sweeping change will ensue.

A trip to Myanmar can now access areas that have been isolated from the outside world for decades.

A Closer Look

Visiting Myanmar (Burma) is a chance to step outside the ordinary and visit a world far from your own. The tinkling of temple bells, the sight of young monks at prayer, a farmer and buffalo at field—there is something inexplicably magical about these scenes. Delving deeper into the country, you will find archaeological treasures, great natural beauty, colorful bazaars, joyous religious festivals and some of the friendliest, most welcoming people on the planet.

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